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January 2019

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Massage therapy and reiki healing is my third choice of career.
Initially I worked as Merchant Navy Deck Officer, when I travelled and saw a lot of the world. This is when I first became aware of the benefits of massage for stress reduction and relaxation. After weeks at sea my first call ashore was often for a massage.

I then became a mother to three lovely daughters and developed an interest in learning through play, and child development, which led to a career supporting families and staff in playgroups and toddler groups.
Now I hope to pass on to others the healing benefits I have personally gained from enjoying massage and reiki, and finally learning the benefits of taking time to nurture myself over the last few years.

You can read about my journey on my blog :

Twisted string


Uh huh!

Swedish massage

Tightly wound string

Tightly wound?

That's me!


Knotted string




End of your tether

End of your tether?

Too right!

Indian Head Massage

Put looking after yourself on your ‘to-do’ list.

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Mary McConnell