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January 2019

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Reiki is a simple non invasive healing system which gently triggers the body’s own healing abilities and improves the flow of life energy to bring mind body and spirit back into balance.


Potentially beneficial for virtually any condition, from insomnia to chronic back pain to emotional trauma, Reiki has no contra-indications and can safely combined with conventional medicine.
There is no need to remove clothing to receive treatment, which can be given using light touch, or without touching the body at all, and the most common experiences during treatment are deep relaxation, sensations of warmth, coolness or tingling,and even colours or images appearing.

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PRICES - Personal
£25 ---- 30 minutes
£40 ---- 60 minutes
£60 ---- 90 minutes
PRICES - Corporate
£20 ---- 30 minutes

All treatment times include a short consultataion to discuss any health issues and determine the best treatment and any areas specifically needing worked on. There will be time to relax after each treatment.

Allander Leisure Centre G61 3DF
Tuesday 6.30 - 8.30
or by appointment
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Tir Na Nog Holistic Centre G63 0NF
Friday 10.30 - 4.30
Sunday 10.30 - 4.30
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Twisted string


Uh huh!

Swedish massage

Tightly wound string

Tightly wound?

That's me!


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End of your tether

End of your tether?

Too right!

Indian Head Massage

Put looking after yourself on your ‘to-do’ list.

To book now, or just say hello and find out more about what therapies are best for you, contact me directly. Let me know your requested time and place, but please note this is not always possible due to other bookings.

Mary McConnell